Aftermath is soon upon us and we will again be changing the server rotation to go heavy on the new maps. After a week or so of these maps, we can decide which to put into the normal ASB rotation. See you on the field!

Close Quarters

If you bought Premium (and there’s no reason you shouldn’t), then I hope you’ve enjoyed the last week of Metro/Bazaar map rotations to help focus getting those Premium assignments done.

The second major DLC, Close Quarters, was release earlier this week and with it, a new map rotation exists. It consists of all CQ maps running Conquest Domination, so if you don’t have Premium or Close Quarters, you aren’t going to be able to join the server. We’ll probably run this CQ heavy rotation for the next week or so until we get a good feel of the new maps. After, we’ll move back to a Conquest rotation using our favorite maps from BF3, B2K, and CQ.

Join us and have fun! Enjoy!

ASB Poster

Here’s the official ASB poster for you. It’s sized very large so you can take and use as you see fit. Just click on it to get the full-sized image.

Enlist today!

The Angry Sheep Brigade [ASB] is looking to expand the flock in Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360 and PC, Battlefield 4 for Xbox One and PC, and Destiny for Xbox One. ASB is looking for mature solders of any rank dedicated to organized, team driven, objective based battle. We seek to improve our skills and stats through fun and exciting game play while maintaining a high sense of community. ASB also has it’s own dedicated public and private server to run ranked matches the way we enjoy them and unranked matches for when it’s time to just frolic in the meadow.

Enlist today! – Angry Sheep Brigade – We aren’t flocking around anymore.